Gibney Dance Mission

Gibney Dance is excited to announce DoublePlus, a six-week series of cutting-edge performance.

For our inaugural season at 280 Broadway, twelve emerging or underexposed artists have been chosen by artist-curators Annie-B Parson, Miguel Gutierrez, RoseAnne Spradlin, Jon Kinzel, Bebe Miller, and Donna Uchizono.

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Gibney Dance Center

Offering affordable space and innovative programming,

the Center boasts two quintessentially New York spaces at 280 and 890 Broadway, each with high ceilings and streams of natural light. With the dramatic loss of rehearsal facilities over the past decade, we are committed to serving the nonprofit dance field into the future.

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Gibney Dance Company

Driven by powerful performance,

Gibney Dance Company is dedicated to exploring the potential of human communication through movement. Our passion is to create and perform engaging work in a cooperative community.

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Gibney Dance Community Action

The first program to unite dancers with survivors of domestic violence,

Community Action was founded in 2000 to bring the possibility of self-expression where it would otherwise not exist. We offer residents of NYC domestic violence shelters 500 free movement workshops each year.

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